While I was in Haiti in January visiting my beautiful kids there was a child that was brought in that was severely malnourished and looked awful.  The child's name was Uwandi and it was the mom that brought her to the RC.  The mom was reluctant to leave her and Lori convinced her that they would take care of her and that she was in good hands.

While I was there I was able to “help” Lori get an IV in this child's head and watch as they began to try and get food into this poor child's body.  It was so sad and my heart was broken while watching this child struggle to live.

Today on Licia's blog she said that Uwandi had died.  The death of this child hit me harder than any other I have seen on her blog.  I touched this child.  I held her hands while Lori put an IV in her head.  I saw her mom leave her there.  This child was real to me.  I have never forgotten the look in her eyes as she struggled to cry and  moan, but had no energy to do either.

Remember Uwandi.  She did not have to live this way or die this way.




Jamie Ivey