Okay yesterday I was on top of the world after running. I felt incredible, strong, fast, healthy. This morning I felt like I SUCK at this. I ran 2.5 miles this morning and it took me longer than it took me last night to run 3! I felt awful. My legs were tired, my ankle and knee on the same leg were hurting. I had to walk the last half mile!

I have talked with this lady at the Y today for the second time and she is a RUNNER. You can tell when she runs that she is a RUNNER and you can tell by her body that she is a RUNNER. I think I want to be a RUNNER someday! Anyhow she asked me how my training was going and I told her about how awesome last night was and how awful this morning was. She mentioned a few things to me:
1. I didn't have a long recovery from last night's hard run until this morning.
2. My knee is probably hurting b/c it is not used to this running. I need to do weights to increase my strength. I had not been wanting to do weights b/c I was running and thought that was enough, but apparently I need more – today I did weights.
3. She said I should change up my workouts. Running on the treadmill is so hard and boring. I ran outside twice this week when it was nice, but I can't run in this cold. So, she suggested changing the tempo and incline to simulate the outside.
4. Need to work on speed work too on some days.

I think I have begun to obsess over the miles and getting them in that I haven't cared how I got them (treadmill or outside). I just wanted to finish as fast as I could and mark it off the training list.

Now I'm back to the internet to look at my workout plan and see where I should do weights, cross train, speed work, hills, etc.

Any seasoned runners feel free to pass on any advice you have! I love advice!