We are home from surgery #6 (grape) today and my heart is so very full!  This surgery was later in the day and my poor Deacon hadn't eaten since 6:30 last night and he only complained 2 times this morning about being hungry.  What a champ!

When we got to the surgery center we realized that we had not only forgotten our special puppies, but we had forgotten the picture that he had specifically drawn for Dr. Eskew.  I was so thankful for our friend Maris who saved the day and brought them all to us.  The doc was so excited to get his picture.  This man is so nice and I truly feel as though he cares about Deacon.  That is something that makes this momma very very happy!

Although this surgery stuff is getting normal it never gets normal to see your child wheeled off down the hall to head to the OR.  Although Deacon doesn't cry and I don't cry as he leaves I always get teary eyed when I walk to the waiting room.  Having your kid go to surgery is never normal.

This surgery seemed very short and when the doctor came back he told me that he had great news.  He said that there were hardly any “bumps” and it looked great.  Then he said something that nearly took my breathe away.  He said that he might even be in remission.  Tears flooded my eyes.  He hugged me and said congratulations and that he didn't want to schedule another surgery but would just see us in his office in six months.

This is HUGE.  We have never left a surgery without scheduling the next surgery.  To think that Deacon doesn't have a surgery on the calendar is so amazing.  Please join us in praying that this remission lasts a long time … and dare I say it …. forever.

Deacon enjoyed the slap bracelet that I found in my purse from the ladies event last week at church.  You guys remember these?  We had so much fun “slapping” each other with this!  I don't recommend allowing your kids to try and slap you around your neck with it.  I'm just saying.

Here Deacon is showing off the picture that he made for his doctor.  I love that he does this each time.  I suggested it the first time, but he has done it on his own every since and puts it in a special place each time.  The doc loved it and Deacon loves doing it as well.

Thanks to all of you that prayed for our family today.  Aaron's in AR and so doing surgery alone is always scary to me, but I truly felt such comfort and joy today in the waiting room.  The good news was amazing and Aaron and I are both in awe of the news.  So comforted for Deacon.  So thankful to Jesus.  So amazed at God's healing hand.