First of all I must say that we are in awe at how many people were praying for our sweet Deacon yesterday.  So many of you I have never met and just might never meet, but yet you prayed for my son.  I'm honored.  Thank you.

Surgery went GREAT!  I guess the one good thing about him having RRP would be that these surgeries (if they are all like yesterday) are fairly simple.  We arrived at 7:45 to check in and we were driving off about 10:45.

Deacon was so brave.  The nurse asked him if he would like her to carry him back, or if he wanted to ride in the wagon, or on the bed and he said he wanted to walk.  We watched him walk down the hall holding the nurses hand and carrying his puppies and batman.  He was so brave.

We went back to the area where the parents wait and literally about 25 minutes later the doc showed up to talk to us.  We were so surprised at how quickly it was over.  He said that indeed there were lots of papillomas on his larynx and he removed them all.  He said he was sending some from each side to pathology and we should know those results today or tomorrow.  He told us that Deacon might be hoarse for a few days but we should notice a big difference in his voice.

About 15 minutes later Deacon arrived and he looked so groggy and sad.  They had to give him some pain medicine so he was kinda out of it!  I kept trying to get him to drink, b/c I knew that he needed to so that he could be discharged and at one point he looked at me and said, “I told you I want to sleep” and closed his little eyes!  It was kinda funny!

Yesterday him and Aaron napped all day and by the time Cayden got home at 3 he was ready to go and they were off dressing up as Batman and Star Wars heros.  All was good!

He is at school today.  I told him he could stay home, but he wanted to go to school!  He is a trooper!


The sad thing is that Deacon doesn't know that he'll have to do this again and again and again, more than likely for the rest of his life.  We haven't shared that with him yet.  The next surgery is scheduled for 6 weeks from now.  The doctor wants to see how aggressive they are growing and that will let us know.

So far his voice is not that different.  We're hoping that he's just hoarse and his new voice will come out soon.  🙂

Jamie Ivey