We are continued to be overwhelmed by the love and support that is shown to us each time Deacon has surgery.  The text/calls/emails are amazing.  Even though this surgery is becoming a “common” thing these days and recovery is easy and it's not the biggest surgery in the world, your thoughts are still so good to hear and read.  We are beyond thankful.

GREAT NEWS:  Deacon's throat looks good and the doctor scheduled the next surgery for 16 weeks out!!!  Praise the LORD.  That's the longest we have gone in between surgeries since we started this in December 2009.

To me his voice sounds worse this time.  He is hoarse and seems to struggle to talk loudly.  I think they told us after the first surgery that he could be hoarse for a few days and he has never really been this way before, so it's kinda throwing me off this time.  If it's still hoarse a week after surgery I might call the doctor, but I'm sure it's nothing and completely normal.

On our way to the surgery center we were listening to the cd that his music teacher from school made him last year and it was talking about how we can have courage and be brave with Jesus.  I thought it was great to fill both of our minds with those truths before surgery.  On our way there he looked more nervous than normal.  It broke my heart.  I asked him if he was okay and he just said he was tired.  We did have to get up at 5:30 am this time!

One thing that's cool about this whole thing is that I literally see the same nurses each time we're there.  Nurse Carol is always our first nurse that checks us in and stays with us until he goes back to the OR with the OR nurses.  She is so sweet and remembers Deacon all the time.  This time when she walked me to the parent waiting room she told me that she was sorry I was there again, but it was good to see me.  She then proceeded to hug me and I felt so loved by her at that moment.

When the doctor was telling me how the surgery went I asked him if he thought Deacon would be having these surgeries when he was 55.  He said that yes he probably would.  Oh I cant even begin to tell you how that breaks my heart.  He will bear this burden for the rest of his life unless God takes it away.  I'm begging God to use this in Deacon's life to bring HIM glory.