said in my biggest voice all while smiling from ear to ear!!!


Africa here I come. In a few weeks I'll board a plane for a far off land that I have never visited. I'll be putting my feet on Uganda soil in 22 days. This week I'm looking for places for my kids to stay while I'm gone. Next week I'm getting all kinds of shots and pills so I don't contract a rare disease while I'm there. And before I know it I'll be packing my bags, leaving my family, and flying across the world.

Yesterday as Aaron and I were having our calendar date (you guys do that, right?? where you get your calendars out and plan the next few months …) he looked at me and jokingly said “why again are you leaving me for 10 days?” There's a lot of joking there, but also a bit of seriousness there as well. As the one in our house who takes care of most household and kids things it's a sacrifice for the whole family when mom leaves the country. Not only am I leaving for 10 days, but did I mention that the kids are on Spring Break and it's SXSW here in Austin, which is only one of largest music festivals in the country. So, there's a lot of sacrifice for me to leave.

BUT you know what, it's all worth it. I'm blessed to be able to travel with a storytelling group to SOLE HOPE and witness first hand how they are radically changing peoples lives every single day through their program. Sole Hope began when Asher saw a need and knew that her family could help with this. They packed their bags, moved to Uganda, and have created an organization that is solving a problem with a simple solution. Shoes.

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. I'm a bit nervous. If I'm completely honest, I know it's going to sneak up on me, and I won't be prepared emotionally or spiritually for what I will see while I'm there. I haven't been around ministries doing crazy things around the world since I used to visit Amos & Story in Haiti and stay out at Real Hope for Haiti.

Honestly although I know this trip will sneak up on me, and I will not be prepared, I'm kinda looking forward to being wrecked over injustice. I have said many times that I believe Americans need to get out of America and see the world. Not to fill up their passport as a world traveler, but to see how most people on our planet live. To see the poverty, the injustices, the oppression, the sadness, but also the hope and joy that people with much less than me (per our American standards) possess. It's life changing. It's soul gutting. It's just what I need right now.

As I pack my bags and leave my husband and four kids I will board the plane with excitement for what God is going to show me. I look forward to sharing my trip with you guys! I can't wait to introduce you all to this amazing ministry! A few days ago I recorded a podcast with Asher that you guys will LOVE. I'll let you know when that is live and you can listen and share.

I am going to ask something from you guys. You friends are so faithful to support the ministries that I get to share with you, that I'm gonna ask that you support us as we are there. Will you follow along with us through our social media outlets & our blogs? Share our blogs and pictures with the hashtag #solestories – Seriously I would really appreciate your love that way.

I am excited to make all new friends on this trip because I know exactly 0 people on this trip! Yeah for new friends! Here's who is traveling with me: Justin Brackett, Rich Butler, Kristy & Kyle Chowning, Kari Gibson, Alisha Gordon, Wynter Pitts, Gary S. Chapman, & Sarah Harmeyer.

Do you know any of them?

Uganda here I come!

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