I must say I am continually blown away by the generosity of people that I don't even know stepping up to help us out financially on our journey to our son.

Some friends of ours Deb & Ernest (whom I have never met), have been so supportive of us during this time. I have actually talked to Deb once on the phone and that was fantastic, but other then that it is through the blog world and emails that we communicate.

They have said they wanted to do something to help and last week I received an email stating that they were going to make tamales and sell them for us. WOW! They are not just sending us a check, but working all weekend to send us money. People that I have never met and going out of there way to help us out.

Today I visited her blog and found this post about their weekend tamale fest and honestly could not keep the tears from coming. The pictures made me cry. Her funny thoughts on tamales made me laugh and cry at the same time. The whole idea of people helping so much made me cry.

Deb & Ernest we are humbled, grateful, gracious and honored that you guys would do this for us. THANK YOU!