I may be a little behind here, but I found two new blogs that I think I'll enjoy reading and think you might too.  You may already know about these, but for me they were new this morning.

#1 – A blog called MAKE AND TAKES. This mom has lots of fun stuff on her blog about crafts, food and fun stuff to do with your kids.  I desire to be this woman.  I know I never will, but in the mean time I can do a fun “crafty” thing with my kids once a month and feel good about myself!!!

#2 – A blog called THE PIONEER WOMAN.  This blog seems to have all kinds of goodies on it.  I'm still exploring all the goodness that she has out there for all of us to explore.  I think I'll get some good recipes and fun stuff to do around the home on this site as well.

Does it count if I like to read about crafty stuff?  Does that make me crafty?

Man I wish I was crafty.