The other day I put some twists in Story's hair.  I had never done this all over before, and as it turned out I really liked it.  It took a little over an hour but was worth it.



I literally just sectioned the hair off and then put that in two sections and just twisted.  Did I do that right?  Any hints?



I actually really liked this style, but I wish it would have stayed looking good a bit longer.  Anyone do this style a lot?  What product do you use while twisting?  I can't even remember what I used, but I'm sure there's something better out there!!


Tonight I put her hair in little ponytails and for the first time in a long time she didn't cry once.  Her and I sometimes dread hair time so much because she cries.  I think she's faking lots (she's a huge drama queen – Lord help us when she's 16!!!), and so tonight I went on and on and on to her about how proud I was of her and she said “it doesn't really hurt”.  🙂  Love this girl!  I have to time hair time so well.  If she's the tad bit tired or moody it's not gonna be fun.


Lately I've even let her go out looking crazy if it means putting off hair day until after nap time just so that we have a good experience.


We are both learning about hair …..

Jamie Ivey