I once heard that a tv in the master bedroom is a hindrance to a good marriage.  I guess when you go to bed at night if you are watching tv that means you aren't doing married people things!  We have always had a tv in our bedroom.  Before we had kids we used to sleep in late on Saturday's and lay in bed and watch Lifetime movies.  Fun times!  That seems like a lifetime ago, but we had great memories of sleeping in before kids!

Now the tv is in our room more for me.  When Aaron's on the road it helps me fall asleep to have it on.  I don't even have to watch it, but I just like the noise to keep me from hearing other random noises while I drift off to sleep!

These past two weeks that Aaron's been gone I have not gone to sleep with the tv on once.  I am so proud of myself and I have decided that when we move we'll not be moving the tv into our bedroom.  I want a romantic bedroom with no tv, no office, no workout equipment.  Just a bed.  That's it.  Simple.

We have always said that our kids will never have a tv in their room.  Even when they are older, we won't have it.  The last thing I need is my teenage boy sneaking off to watch something in his room that wouldn't be appropriate for him, or my teenage daughter so wrapped up in shows that don't model positive self image and body behaviors.  Call me old fashion, but I will continue to monitor what my kids watch until they leave my house.  I feel it is my motherly duty.

So many families spend the evenings in different rooms so that everyone can watch what they want.  I don't want tv to have a handle on our lives that we spend our evenings or days that way.  In fact, I would like to have two tv's in the house and that's it.  One in the family room, and one in the kitchen.  I don't have the kitchen one yet, but would love to be able to watch a morning show in the kitchen.  Since most mornings are spent in the kitchen I would love that.

Recently I found this website that listed some staggering statistics about kids with tv's in their rooms.  19% of children 1 and under have tv's in their rooms.  WHAT?  What 9 month old needs to watch tv while they drift off to sleep?

Anyhow, tell me where your tv's are.  Do your kids have tv's in their rooms?  Why or why not?

Jamie Ivey