I feel as though today was our breakthrough day.  Amos is not sick and is completely better and he has grown to kind of like me.  Today for the first time he initiated contact with me.  He handed out hugs and kisses to me.  He would hold my  hand.  For the past few days I have done all the initiating and he has given hugs back even though sometimes they felt as though they weren't enthusiastic hugs but just to make the white lady stop hugging him.  🙂

We had so much fun today with each other.  He was laughing with me today and I felt as though he was more comfortable around me.

He is a hoot!  He is so funny when he gets excited and laughs about something.  His open mouth kisses are the best.  I'm not lieing when I tell you that his whole mouth and lips enclose my mouth when he kisses me.  I LOVE IT!

Today was the day that Licia weighs all the kids in the RC.  Story came down to be weighed and she is topping the charts at around 10.5 pounds.  She was 6 something when she was born November 24th.  🙂  Amos didn't want to get on the scale, but he did come down with us and visit his friends.

Today Story's momma came out to meet me and see Licia and Carmelo.  She was nice and we got some great pictures with the three of us and with her and Story together.  Story is her 14th child and three of them have died.  It was a great moment to meet her and get pictures.  I know we'll meet again.

I can't believe that tomorrow is my last day with the kids.  I was going to go to church with Zach in PAP, but then I realized I would lose a lot of my day with the kids and I had to pass.  My last day.  Wow.  I hate that.  I will miss both of them dearly.  I can't wait until May to see them again.  I fly out of here on Monday and  get home to Nashville at midnight!  I will be so excited to see Aaron!  I can't wait to sit for hours with him and talk about our kids.

I helped Lori put an IV in a kid today.  He is so malnourished and it is so sad.  It brought tears to my eyes as I looked at him and prayed to God to heal his little body.  It is NOT right what goes on here.  It is NOT right that kids live this way.  It is NOT right that all they need is food.  It is NOT right.

Both kids are in bed and I'm about to be there myself.  Thanks to all of you that are checking my blog.  It is great to know so many people care about my kids and Haiti.  I'm having such a great time and feel so blessed to be able to love on  my kids for a week.  What an honor.  I will be so sad to leave them on Monday.

Our dossier is turned in to Barb.  There was one thing wrong and I'll have to get it re-done, then notarized, then county certified, then state certified, then Haitian authenticated and then get it back down here to Barb.  UGH!  I wish I had listed to my gut when I wondered if the paper was right or not.  I should have asked!  She said it won't hold us up and our papers are moving.  Who knows what that means.  I'm so glad to have those papers in her hands and out of mine.

Night Night.


My new friends who will hopefully be going home VERY soon to their new homes in the states.  🙂


Two very cute boys carrying water to their house.  We met them on our walk yesterday.


This is the little boy that was admitted to the RC yesterday.  VERY sad.  I “helped” Lori get an IV in him today.  So very sad.  He has no food and no nutrients and his body is shutting down.  This is the stuff that they deal with DAILY here.  DAILY.