I’m in the Nashville airport and I feel as though I stick out like a sore thumb.  I probably don’t, but it is just my imagination.  I feel like I look like a missionary!  Not that looking like a missionary is bad, it is just not what I’m used to.  I feel different and out of my usual look.  J  I had thought about wearing shorts down there, but I know that whenever we go to church or the villages I need to wear skirts, so I wanted to wear a skirt today too.  I don’t want to offend anyone by not looking “right”.  Who knows?  Maybe I could have worn shorts, but oh well.  So, I’m in a skirt and …. Tennis shoes!!!  I look so funny I think!  I love wearing skirts, but I also love wearing flip flops with them.  Here’s the deal though I want comfort!  I will be maneuvering my way through a crazy airport with 2 50 lbs bags, a carry on and a heavy backpack.  I need comfort!  I also have this wart on the bottom of one of my toes and frankly it doesn’t feel good without socks.  So, there you have it.  I feel weird.  I won’t say I look dorky, because this is some people’s look, BUT it’s not mine and I’m feeling dorky for me.  J  But here’s the deal …. It’s Haiti – who cares!  Comfort is all we’re going for here!  In the states you wear whatever you want to look good, no matter how bad it feels or hurts.  In Haiti you wear whatever you can to be comfortable no matter how bad it looks!!

Aaron dropped me off and had to rush to Starbuck’s to work.  I got nervous about my carry on not fitting so I took out this medical item that I’ll now have to take in May or ship to IN for them.  I think it is something great that they could use lots so I want it to get there soon.  I also took out a huge bag of bubble gum.  Sorry Betor boys!  Now that I’m through security I know that it all would have fit, but oh well what can you do!  One of my bags was 53.5 pounds and thankfully the guy didn’t make me take anything out!

My original dossier is in my backpack.  ALWAYS on me.  That thing is priceless!

So, that’s it for the Nashville airport.  My nerves are starting to get to me.  It justhit that I’m leaving my boys, all three of them, for a week. I think I’ll be able to talk to them nightly so that is fabulous.  Not much longer until my babies are in my arms!

Jamie Ivey