An important day for an important matter of justice and freedom: Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

I remember first coming to terms with the fact that this problem was not just in other parts of the world, but was happening right in my city. Right in my neighborhood. Just a short bike ride away.

I broke down this whole experience in an old blog (click here to read) and after that day, I truly have never been the same. When you finally know, you can’t unknow. I had to be part of the solution. I had to champion people and organizations that are in the long-haul fight against human trafficking.

If you are a long-time listener of The Happy Hour, you are very familiar with conversations around human trafficking, as well as countless survivor stories of women who made it out. Maybe it’s been a little while since you’ve thought about it and today is a good reminder to dive back into it.

Or maybe you're new here and looking for where to get started, I'm here to offer some help from people and organizations that I trust.




Melissa Russell – International Justice Mission

Bianca Olthoff – A21 End Slavery

Christine Caine – A21 End Slavery

Holly Hayes – Survivor Story

Rebecca Bender – Survivor Story

Nate Knapper – Advocate and Care

LTN – Where the Gospel Meets Human Trafficking





Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd

From Basement to Sanctuary by Holly Christine Hayes

In Pursuit of Love by Rebecca Bender






International Justice Mission

Sanctuary Project

Starfish Project




Jamie Ivey