Aaron is downstairs playing “alligators” with the boys and I'm enjoying a very clean house while I catch up on reading blogs for the weekend.  Our house was shown today so that means it will be clean for about 18 hours before we get back to normal!

This is random, but I thought I'd say thanks to my Top Five blogs that I get visitors from.

#1 My wonderful husband – Aaron

#2 My old blog –  I wonder why?  how would people still be going there?

#3 The Gordon's

#4 Amanda over at Baby Bang's

#5 Kim over at (re)defined

I'm doing 6 since #2 was my old blog and that shouldn't count …

#6 The Amazing Klog

Now for my top 5 posts/pages that people read

#1  Who am I

#2 baby girl names & baby names you pick – these were actually 2 & 3, but they are similar so I just grouped them together – i can do that since i own this blog!

#3 Mom vs. Birthmom – while you are on the subject, read this one too.

#4 Haiti Timeline

#5 My baby boys are gone.

My least read post ever was about us buying a lawn mower.  Interesting, uh!

Now the top five places people are ending up from my blog …

#1 Aaron's blog

#2 Gwen's blog

#3 Licia's blog

#4 Alison's old blog – it's gone so I'll move on

#5 an old adoption blog of mine – it's gone too, so i'll move on

#6 April over at To Live is to Love

#7 Adopting August

So, you now probably just wasted about 7 minutes reading this post, but if you have nothing else to do tonight you can check out some of these sites.  Apparently people think they are interesting.