I know, I know, I'm a bit behind with my top posts of 2015 post, but let's be honest I'm a bit behind with everything right now. Packing up a house, moving to a new house, renovating a new house, plus Christmas has literally kicked my butt in the past month. I'm barely able to get up my show notes lately, and full disclosure I just hired a VA to help me with that and it's one of the best moves I've made in a long time for The Happy Hour. Speaking of The Happy Hour you guys are catching up on podcasts this month and sharing like crazy, so thank you so much for listening and for telling your friends. I am honored, thankful, and humbled by your kind words about the show.

So, here are the top posts of 2015 in a few different categories:

HAPPY HOUR show notes:

1. Happy Hour #63: Christmas Special

2. Happy Hour #42: Emily Lex

3. Happy Hour #50: Jen Hatmaker

4. Happy Hour #48: Susie Davis

5. Happy Hour #36: Meredith Toering

6. Happy Hour #45: Shannan Martin

7. Happy Hour #2: Jen Hatmaker

8. Happy Hour #35: Melanie Shankle

9. Happy Hour #43: Emily Lex

10. Happy Hour #28: Lindsey Paschal



1. Letter to my 9 year old son

2. A New Creation

3. Adoption: Sorrow + Joy

4. Raising Black Boys

5. Q&A time: Our kids names

6. When the kids we love go home

7. One day he'll love me like crazy

8. Adult only vacations

9. Date night with Deacon

10. Dear Jamie, There is hope from this pit



1. We bought a house + Before Pics

2. Stitch Fix Review #16

3. Books I read in May 2015

4. Three things I realized about myself this Fall

5. What is a Jigger

6. Your old denim changes kids lives

7. We are more than the worst thing we've ever done

8. Where to eat in Austin

9. Slow Cooker Recipes + Banana Bread

10. Your struggle won't shock me