Top posts from 2014

Here are the top 10 posts from my blog this past year.

1.  The Mom Problem {January 13} – this was a guest post that Aaron wrote for me and it went crazy. Most read post ever on my blog!

While Jamie was on a much needed “moms-need-to-get-away-to-remain-sane” weekend, I held down the fort. The days had a little drama, but mostly a lot of fun. I didn’t actually lose anyone, the kitchen was swept, and believe it or not the dishes were done.  (let’s not talk about the laundry).  Jamie was gone since Thursday, and I’m honestly so glad when she has the rare chance to get away from the day in day out of being a mom.  It’s great for her.. And it’s great for me. …… Continue reading


2. Happy Hour Podcast #2 with Jen Hatmaker {May 16} – This was my second podcast to release and one of my favorite's because I love Jen and we had a great time chatting!

3. If you won't say it about a boob job {April 23}

4. Stitch Fix Review #7 {March20} – Actually quite a few of my Stitch Fix review posts were in the top 10, so I'm gonna include them all here so they don't take up any more spots!  5th Stitch Fix Review, 6th Stitch Fix Review,  8th Stitch Fix Review, 9th Stitch Fix Review, 11th Stitch Fix Review

5. Your Struggle Won't Shock Me {November 18}

Recently a friend called me and shared something she was struggling through. I listened intently and felt the pain in her voice. As she told me her struggle she mentioned that only her husband and I knew about this struggle. He was supportive of her and a great source of encouragement, and now so was I, but there was no one else. Since we are states away and I couldn’t run there and sit with her and listen I asked her if she had mentioned anything to her other friends. … Continue Reading 

6. Talking to your kids teachers about adoption {October 22}

Recently I was talking with one of my boys and the conversation led to me asking if they are ever sad at school. He paused a bit and then told me that he was sad the other day at school. My heart of course dropped because as a momma anytime your babies are sad and are away from you it makes you feel helpless and as if you should have been there to comfort them. He told me that they were working on a heritage project at school and he was sad because he left the whole page blank and didn’t know what to say. … Continue Reading

7. Kids Are Stupid {January 10} – another guest post from Aaron

“ahhh, kids are just the most innocent, simple, and beautiful little things on the Earth!!!” — said the barista at Thunderbird Coffee as I walk in to order 4 hot chocolates for my 4-member flock of kids waddling behind me like drunk ducks. ….. Continue Reading

8. Moms and Bikinis, Yes or No? {April 15}

Aaron and I were blessed to be able to spend the weekend at some friends lake house this recently.  Anytime someone says, “hey I know you guys are busy, but we’d love to invite you to our lake house” the answer is always – yes!  Well, not always, because if you are a complete stranger and you say that to me, I will start chanting “stranger danger” and run away.  If we are friends, I will hug you and ask if we can leave right now.  Getting away from life and our kids is always relaxing and refreshing for us.  In fact I hold strong to the fact that I’m a better mom when I leave my kids for a few days and get rejuvenated to do all that is required from me as a mom when I return. …. Continue Reading

9. I'm sorry about your miscarriage {February 13}

Recently one of my good friends lost a baby.  I remember when she told me that the baby was gone, and I felt so helpless for her.  Unfortunately she was all alone at the doctor’s office and I was hundreds of miles away, but I wanted to run there and sit with her and hold her hands in that moment.  The moment that she learned that the life inside of her was gone.  The moment that she learned that the baby she already loved with her whole heart was gone. …. Continue Reading

10. God heals broken marriages {February 27} – Guest post by a friend about how God healed her broken marriage.

I told you yesterday about fighting my fears with God’s word and how I have a friend that encouraged me so much with her words after I posted about my fear of Aaron cheating on me.  I talked her into sharing her story with us today.  I pray that this will meet you right where you are in your marriage. … Continue Reading