As 2013 comes to a close, I'll leave you with my top posts from the past year and a few from years before.

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#1 – Aaron got pretty sick this past January and did a guest post from me that was titled 5 Apologies to My Wife, which got the most hits I've ever had on a post.  Thanks honey!  HomeLife magazine actually picked it up and ran it in one of the magazines this year.  Its' really funny!

#2 – Aaron and I did a slow carb challenge last January and that post was viewed a lot.  I loved the challenge and actually lost over 10 lbs and it wasn't that hard at all.  Maybe January will be another month of food changes.

#3 – Aaron makes a fabulous gluten free & dairy free cornbread recipe that lots of people love!

#4 – Last January when Cayden turned 9 I wrote him a letter.  I want to try and do that in 2014 for all my kids.

#5 – This past summer I had a great sex talk with Cayden.

#6 – “He wants to have sex, but I don't” was something I wrote after having a conversation with a college girl about this exact thing.

#7 – “My kid is home, now what?” – is about the first days, weeks, months after your child comes home to you via adoption.

#8 – “Which ones are your real kids?” – is of course about answering the questions of little kids

#9 – The post about talking to my dad about wanting to break off my engagement.  After you read this one, you'll be looking for part two.  Here's PART TWO to this post.

#10 – My post to engaged couples with my two pieces of advice for them.

#11 – “My husband needs a cheerleader”

#12 – “My husband would never cheat on me”

#13 – A post I wrote about how the video about kids that need to be sponsored was hard for Amos to watch.

#14 – “The summer that Cayden got saved twice” – my struggle with the way churches have children come to the front to get to their free trip to heaven passes.

#15 – “Dear Jamie, there is hope from this pit” – One of my most vulnerable posts ever where I talk about getting pregnant in college.

#16 – “9 year old's and boobs” – a post about the covers of magazines and how I don't want my boys to see them

#17 –  My first STITCHFIX review

#18 –  A post about how to help families when they bring home their new child via adoption.

#19 –  Another vulnerable letter I wrote to myself about the first time I had sex.

#20 –  “Foster Care is huge, but there's room for you to help”



#1 – Amy from the Bobby Bones Show blogs about 30 Abes

#2 – Jen McManus blogs about her role as a foster mom

#3 – A friend wrote about her husband's struggle with porn and she followed that post up with a  post about fighting for forgiveness in your marriage.  Powerful posts, both of them.

#4 – My friend, Cara, blogs about adopting from the foster system

#5 – My friend Jessica writes an open letter to married Christian couples from a single gal


TOP POSTS STILL BEING READ – these weren't written in 2013, but people keep reading them:

#1 – “One day he'll love me like crazy” was written in 2011

#2 – The best crock pot taco soup recipe ever.

#3 – “I want to adopt, but my husband doesn't.”

#4 –  A post about how we don't do Santa.

#5 –  A post I wrote about loving my husband more than my kids.


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