2011 is now coming to an end.  Now is the time that we all look back and see how we screwed up and how we did some things right as well.  I enjoy reflection and although it's hard, it's good for us to reflect.  Each time Aaron and I get away on vacation without the kids we spend time reflecting on our parenting.  Sometimes those conversations are hard, and sometimes we are proud.  Most of the time we're learning to do things better and striving to be the best we can be to these wonderful kids God has entrusted us with.


Here were the top 15 posts of 2011 on this blog.


1.  I was forever changed by Haiti.  I wrote this post while Aaron was in Haiti and included an email he sent me that so poetically describes our experiences in Haiti.


2.  One day he'll love me like crazy.  This was written about Amos still struggling to love me completely and struggling with receiving my love completely.  This journey is hard, but so worth it.  I love this kid like crazy!


3.  Adoption Comments Gone Wrong.  Oh goodness if you're an adoptive mom you surely have heard some of these before!  I'm learning to give lots and lots of grace, especially since just the other day I slammed my foot in my mouth with a comment I made to someone!


4.  Christmas Gifts that Make a Difference.  I hope that you were able to give some gifts this year that made a difference.  My favorite gift was the punjammies that I gave my niece.


5.  Comments about my dilemma.  Of course I wasn't basing my decision to leave the radio station off of people's comments, but we did ask our listeners what they thought, and boy did they tell us!


6.  Protecting our Marriage.  People went crazy on me when I told them on air something I do to protect our marriage.


7.  Ease in Day 1.  I did the Master Cleanse last January and I guess people were intrigued with it.  I don't plan on doing it this January!!


8.  My bird tattoo.  I wrote this in 2010 when I got my tattoo, but I guess people are still looking at it.  I love my artwork & hopefully 2012 will bring me more!


9.  Dovetail tattoo giveaway.  Only fitting that the next most viewed post was the giveaway for the place I got my tattoo from.


10.  I'm a DJ now.  This is when I announced that I had won the contest and was now a DJ.

11.  A struggling working mom.  I wrote this when I was struggling with working and being mom.  It's a hard shoe to wear.  Major kudos to all you moms that do it!  You are rock stars!


12.  Ivey Family Adoption Documentary.  This is the video that shows us bringing Amos home.  I love this and still watch sometime to remind myself of the long journey we took to our son.  God is faithful!


13.  Master Cleanse.  Here it describes the how-to of the master cleanse.  Anyone doing this in January?


14.  Our first call.  Part of Deacon's adoption story.


15.  Adoption Shirts and your chance to win one.  A cool giveaway I did for a family in the adoption process.  I love fundraisers that involve t-shirts, because I could live in one every day!




Happy end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 from the Ivey's!

Jamie Ivey