As 2010 comes to end I wanted to look back and see what posts on here were viewed the most.  I was not surprised that all of them had to do with Amos' adoption, Haiti or just life as a mom of four kids.  Our year has been consumed with just about all of those things.  2010 was possibly the best year ever because our family was finally after 2 long years together forever, but it was also one of the hardest years ever.  I have cried more.  Felt more like a failure more.  Struggled more with my life.  Adoption is beautiful, but there is also pain involved.  Pain for the child and pain for the parents.

Looking back I have been a whirlwind of emotions this year.  If you are my friend in real life I should send you a huge thank you card for sticking it out with me.  2011 will bring lots of happiness, joy and great family memories.  I'm betting on it!

Top ten viewed posts on here this year:

  1. The post that has had the most traffic on my blog was on January 13 when we talked about our HELP HAITI shirts.
  2. I wrote this post 3 days having been home with Amos.  I talked about ESTABLISHING OUR FAMILY.
  3. On January 17th I wrote a post about STARTING AN ADOPTION right after the earthquake.
  4. Our page that holds our ADOPTION STORY for each kid.  I am making a goal for 2011 to update this with all the kids.  I'm very far behind!
  5. I wrote a page describing SATURDAY AM when we got Amos.
  6. GETTING TO THE AIRPORT was a pure miracle of God.
  7. I'M A MOM AND I NEED SOME HELP was a post that stirred up mixed emotions.  I got so many people thanking me for being honest and that they too had these same feelings.  On the other hand one blogger even blogged about me and ridiculed me for adopting and then relying on prescription mes to handle it all.  I do not owe her anything, but in case she's reading I've been off the meds for about 2 months now and am doing fine.  Sometimes people just have hard times.
  8. TODAY HAS BEEN HARD was a post about one of our early days with Amos being home.  Those days were full of up and downs.
  9. IF YOU HAVE 4 OR MORE KIDS, GIVE ME YOUR SECRETS was a fun post.  I got so much great advice on there and I should read it monthly to try and hone in on my life as a mommy to four.  If you have four kids or more read these comments to get some great advice!
  10. WHO AM I basically just tells you who I am.  I'm sure this page needs updating.  That will be for 2011 as well!  Coming in at #11 was I THINK HE'S SCARED TO LOVE ME where I talked about the struggles Amos was having trusting me so early on.  Him and I had a rocky rocky start.

*Photo by Tim Ivey

Jamie Ivey