Photo 22

Last night Cayden lost tooth #6 and the second one in about a week.  I didn't even know this tooth was loose and he came to me about 8:30 last night telling me he felt as though it was about to come out and sure enough it was.  I got a paper towel and bang it was out.  He loves losing teeth and mostly b/c of the tooth fairy that visits him.

It's funny that yes we do the tooth fairy (and he totally thinks she is real) and the stupid backpack fairy, but we don't do Santa or Easter Bunny.  Weird?  I guess I'm fine with fairies that don't come at the same time as the birth of Jesus or the resurrection of our Savior!  🙂

Anyhow …. last night he lost his tooth and we realized that he had never put the tooth he lost last week at school under his pillow for the tooth fairy.  He had them both in this little tooth holder necklace thingy that he had gotten at school and I told him to keep them in there, put that under his pillow and the tooth fairy would know what to do.  He insisted that we put them in separate baggies so that the TF would know there were two teeth in there.  I convinced him that the tooth fairy is all knowing and she would figure it out.  That was it and he went to bed finally.

This morning I awake to him coming to my bed with the saddest look on my face.  He moaned that the tooth fairy didn't come last night.  OH CRAP I totally forgot.  I felt awful.  I mean what kind of mom …. um …. i mean tooth fairy forgets to bring 50 cents to a child that just lost their tooth.

I finally convinced him that she probably had LOTS of houses to visit last night and she was probably just running late.  He bought it and is convinced that she will probably show up while he's at school and I'm out running errands with the other kids.

I felt so bad that I let him snuggle in bed with me and be late for school!  We all lounged in bed until 8:30 and watched tv.  It was great.  I kept falling asleep only to awaken to tell someone to stop touching someone, or lay down or be quiet.  It was great and the kids had a fun time!

So, Amos and Story are napping, Deacon and Cayden are at school and I believe the tooth fairy might just show up …. if she can find some coins around the house!