I feel as though I've been swamped lately and yet haven't gotten anything done.  Do you ever feel that way?  As if the list keeps getting longer and yet nothing is getting crossed off?  I always get LESS done when Aaron is home because I neglect things to spend time with him.  Wouldn't you do the same though?  Usually when he's out of town my life either goes one of two ways.  I either bust my butt and work the whole time on stuff, or become completely lazy and do nothing.  This past weekend I was busy.  🙂

I have no time for an individual post for all I want to share, so I will do as my awesome friend Rachel (by the way tomorrow is her bday!) does and give it to you in bullets … Keep in mind these are in no particular order of importance!

  •  I have started doing a little volunteer work for a FABULOUS organization.  These people are working very hard to get three children to the US for medical surgery that they can't get in the country where they live.  I'm hoping to eventually get them some t-shirts to sell for fund raising and other stuff as well.  This week I have spent a night emailing every pediatric cardiac surgeon in Mass and Maryland.  I'm really hoping that I can help some more and get these kids here for surgery.  The organization is called Remember International, Medical Advocacy Team.  Please go to their blog, encourage them, spread the word, see how you can help.  Look at two of the children we're trying to get here.  Pray for them.


Alex in Haiti


Samuel in Ghana

Pray for these kids and for Martine too, she needs a heart surgery soon.  If your or your church would like to sponsor these kids go check out the website to find out how you can.

  • Aaron is still not talking.  Tomorrow makes two weeks.  Miserable is what this is.  He is miserable with it.  I am getting miserable with it.  Imagine your spouse being in the same house with you, but not saying one word to you in TWO WEEKS!  It SUCKS and these two weeks could not go any faster.  I am hoping that we'll look back on this time and see how God grew us and challenged us, b/c this is the most disconnected in every way possible I have felt from the man that I am passionately in love with.


  • We are still waiting to hear when we enter into IBESR.  I'm not thinking it's going to be for another month, but hopefully sooner than that.  A piece of our paperwork is still not there.  Hopefully it will get there tomorrow.  There have been a few mishaps that have been completely out of our control that have kept that paper from getting to Barb.  Tomorrow it will be flying down there with a mom that is going to get her daughter.  Pray it gets there, b/c this is the 3rd attempt to get it there.