As I wrapped the final present for tomorrow and Aaron seared the meat for the Kerela-Style Beef Stew that we'll devour for lunch tomorrow I kept thinking about all of you out there that aren't having the best Christmas you have ever had.  Some of you are lonely.  Some of you are sitting in the hospital with a loved one the night before Christmas.  For some of you, you are separated from a child that you long so deeply to be with tomorrow morning.  Some of you got the worst news of you life today.  I have friends that are on the brink of divorce.  I have friends that are in the middle of an adoption wait that seems to be taking forever.  I have friends that this is their first Christmas without their mom.  I have friends that are holding their best friends hand in the hospital as they away the brain scans to come back.


But tomorrow HE IS BORN.  Today things are awful, and tomorrow JESUS is here.  Tomorrow we will awake and celebrate the day that changed the course of history forever.  When things seems as though they can't get any worse friends we have good news.  We have a savior that has been born and came to save the world.  We have a God that loves us so much that he sent his son to rescue us.  We have a savior that wrapped himself in flesh and become like us so that he could sympathize with us in our weakness and then defeat death for us.



Friends, no matter what your day is like today, know that the Savior has come.  He can handle our pain and suffering.  Give it to him.  Rejoice as we celebrate his birth tomorrow.  JESUS HAS COME.



Jamie Ivey