One more night-night (that's how we measure things around here) until the TOGETHER FOR ADOPTION CONFERENCE!  Yippee, it is finally here.  There have been so many behind the scene volunteers working on this and we are so excited to see all that God will do this weekend.

If you have a story to share after the weekend, please let me know.  I'd love to link and/or share it for you here.  One of my favorite things about this adoption conference is that it's not just for those of us that have adopted, or those of you that in the process, but it is for anyone and everyone that cares about the orphans in this world.  There are many more ways to care for orphans that just adopt them, and I value that this conference will show us that.  The wide variety of breakouts that are available is amazing.  I wonder how many adoption groups will be started in churches after this weekend, or how many college students will be spending next summer loving, feeding and holding orphans.  Or how many parents will begin a journey that has forever just sat in the back of their minds.  Or how many families will start caring for those in their states foster system.

I just know that God is going to move in hearts this weekend.  If you are coming to this conference come say hello!  Introduce yourself to me.  I love meeting new people.  If you aren't coming, follow along with the bloggers as we try to keep you up to date.  Pray for the speakers, for the breakouts and for all the people that will be arriving tonight and tomorrow for this fabulous conference.


*Although Story won't be at the conference she sported her 147million orphans shirt for school today.  You too can get one for yourself or your kids this weekend.  Go by their booth and tell Gwen that I sent you!

*Also that is not a huge ball of hair on her head thats a shadow!

Jamie Ivey