I decided that today was my day to get out of the house with all the kids. Now three is not that many, but it is one more than I'm used to, so right now it's a challenge. I was prepared for the challenge at hand. I had a bag for Fedna. Pillow for her back in the shopping cart. Talked to the boys and threatened to make them stay in bed all day if they gave me grief in the store. We were set!

We went to Target and I was in search of product for Fedna's hair. I have no experience with black hair. Although Deacon's hair is different and we do special stuff to it, a girl is completely different, and black hair is completely different from biracial hair. So, last week I emailed all my girlfriends with black daughters and got the low down as to what I needed. They were all fabulous and hooked me up with great advice.

At Target I was able to get all her hair stuff which included: Pink Moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, olive oil sheen spray and a comb. I also got a HUGE thing of Eucerin cream for her dry skin, some toothpaste for her, a loofah and some vitamins for her since she's not digging the boys JUICE PLUS vitamins. All that for $41.55 – you know what the cool thing about that is …. yesterday in the mail someone sent us a $40 gift card to Target for her. Yippee!! Thanks Niki!

While in Target I was ready for the stares. White mom with one white kid, one light brown kid and one dark brown kid with really bad hair. I just knew I was going to turn heads. This transracial thing is not new to us. We been a transracial family for 3 years now. BUT Deacon and Fedna are completely different. Deacon's skin is not much darker than mine. Fedna's is very much darker than mine. I was convinced everyone would stare. NOT ONE PERSON DID. I was so happy and realized that I can't assume that everyone will think we're weird with our mixed race family. I know we'll run against those few that are mean, but for the most part people are accepting and loving and don't care what color everyone in your family is.

Now I did stay clear of any black family on any aisles. My reasoning …. Fedna's hair is a mess! I mean a mess!!! Ha!! I wanted to wear a sign that said this …. “I know her hair looks bad. I just took the braids out yesterday. I'm just buying hair stuff for the first time. Give me a break! It will be better by 5PM today!!!” I'm new at this!!!! Ha!

So, today is hair day. We'll learn as we go, right! If it all turns out well I'll post pictures!!!


And how cute is this picture!