Earlier in the week I had a small moment where I lost my mind momentarily and thought I wanted to do something crazy.  I have learned my lesson over the years that if you are thinking about doing something crazy you should talk to a few friends before you jump off that cliff.

It all started when Aaron and I were watching an episode of Arrested Development.  Have you guys seen the new episodes on Netflix?  I know I might be in the minority here, but I'm not loving them like I hoped I would.  I really enjoyed the old ones, and for some reason these just aren't doing it for me.  Anyhow, we were watching and all of a sudden I decided that I wanted to cut my hair like Lindsey's (Portia de Rossi) and I wanted to do it the next day.


I was so excited about my new do, and actually believe it or not Aaron supported it as well.  You see I have had short hair before, although at that point in my life I looked more momish (is that a word?  you know what i mean) than I think I do now.  So, I did what all girls do, and I sent out a text to a few girlfriends asking for their opinions.  They were all super sweet and supportive.  I love that honestly that I received from them.  Some said YES, while others said MAYBE and a few said NO.

So, I have decided not to cut my hair.  The next day after my decision for a new do, I had someone out of the blue tell me how much they loved my long hair.  I took it as a sign.

Have you ever done something drastic to your hair?  You regret it or not?

Jamie Ivey