I found this post today that I had worked on January 17th and never posted.  I was delirious during this time.  I felt like I neglected my 3 kids at home only to spend hours in front of the computer hoping for good news and trying to do anything we could to get money to the people in Haiti.  I know this post is completely unfinished, but I still wanted to remember my ramblings during this time ….




We are tired at the Ivey house and I feel foolish saying that for we have a house, a bed, a grocery store, vehicle and haven't lived through an earthquake recently. I'm tired physically b/c I can't seem to leave my computer. My poor family and house have been so neglected. I'm tired emotionally from thinking about Amos and all the other kids that are there without their parents. I'm tired spiritually from praying and questioning God and coming back to trust even through my doubts. I can't even begin to imagine the exhaustion that will be setting in for our friends that are there at ground zero doing all they can to find loved ones, help people and take care of kids. We are in awe at the strength of these people.

This morning a crew showed up around 6AM to get the house transformed into a mini little tv studio. I'm sure our neighbors are wondering what the heck is going on! They were super nice and the producers and interview lady were wonderful as well. They both seemed to genuinely care about not only Amos, but all of the children that are in the adoption process and wanting to get home. You can click HERE to view that CNN interview.

There have been tons of rumors flying around the adoption community about how to get kids out and who to contact. Honestly I have contacted very few people not out of neglect, but b/c our efforts have been focused on getting money to different organizations in Haiti that need it so badly. The shirts that we put up are selling like crazy and we can't wait to get that money to RHFH, Heartline and WWV God is good and we trust that these people will use your money very wisely! I have spent all my hours in front of my computer trying to find out about different organizations, Amos and our friends that work there. I have been getting shirt information out and spreading the word about how and where to give.





You can still buy those shirts I was talking about above.  100% of the profits still goes to organizations in Haiti!  What another great Christmas gift this year for someone that loves the country of Haiti!