I went to a fabulous bible study tonight led my a friend of mine, Tina Hutchison.  She is an amazing woman and a great teacher.  She has a love for our God that is radiating from her words and her actions.  She serves weekly in a prison for women here in TN.  She is truly the hands and feet of Jesus weekly to these ladies.

I got to talk with her afterwards and our conversation turned into a conversation about Bart Whittaker.  This is a man that is on death row in TX, which I read tonight that TX has killed more people in four years than all other states combined.  Now that's a record to be proud of!   Anyhow Tina has begun writing him and they are now friends.  I love this b/c Tina is amazing and such an encouragement and am so happy that Bart is able to benefit from her words.  From what Tina said tonight she is also benefiting from his words too.

I encourage you to go and read Bart's journal.  It is raw and real.  You may not like what you read, but we must remember that all the people in the prison systems are still humans.  They were still created in the image of God.  They still deserve to be loved and heard.