I watch the Bachelor.   There I said it.  I know it’s probably the worst show on tv and I hate how it makes women look, and how the women on there make themselves look, but I can’t stop watching.

Of course there’s the drama on the show … Tierra.  She brings drama wherever she goes.  No worries, though because she is gone.  I read tonight though that she is engaged!  Not to Sean, but to a guy she dated before the show.


One of the best things she ever said on the show was about her “sparkle”.  Her parents told her that she had a sparkle and that she shouldn’t let anyone take that from her.  I now want to use this like I use “nobody puts baby in a corner” when I talk to my girlfriends.  I’ll tell them often “don’t let anyone take your sparkle” and they’ll know that they are indeed special!

{Girls …. I have much better advice that this sparkle goodness and hopefully I can get that to you soon.  This whole blog entry is awful and this is my day2 for the writers edition of #7in7.  This is a great example of being so tired you are delirious, and knowing you have to publish something and so you write 3 paragraphs, re-read them and realize they are stupid and hit publish anyways, because you have to.  Oh well.  Good night friends.  Day 3 tomorrow will be much better and of course about love since it will be Valentine’s Day!}

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