I have a few friends that have started talking to me about these eyelash extensions they were getting. My first thought was – “seriously? eye lash extensions – what has this world come to?” – then I kept hearing about them, and even witnessed their lashes for my own eyes. I was smitten. I couldn't stop staring at her eyes while she talked to me. The lashes were seriously beautiful.

During my podcast with Jessica we talked about these eyelash extensions and I told her that I would try them out. I was heading out of town in a few days to Mexico with my man and the thought of beautiful lashes was super exciting!

So, I took myself to my normal hole-in-the-wall nail salon and got myself all made up. First I got my pedicure, then my shellac and lastly was the lashes. The lady doing my lashes told me that I had two options.

Option #1 was $20 and would last about 14 days

Option #2 was $100 and would last about a month

I'm no idiot and my money doesn't grow on trees so of course I went with the $20 option. I told her that I was leaving for the beach the next day and she nodded that this was a great idea. Notice the nod and no verbal response. Should have known.

So she fixes me up and glues on my lashes and afterwards as I'm gawking over them and feeling super beautiful I tell her that I'm going to the beach and was asking her how to care for them.

She stops and grabs a box of saran wrap and tells me to put this over my eyes anytime I get in the water.


Anytime I get in the water.

I did tell her ahead of time I was going to the beach. Where there's water. Lots of it. Like an ocean full of it.

UGH at least I went with the $20 option.

So clearly you know how this story is going to end. For the first 24 hours of my vacation my eyes looked marvelous. Seriously I know exactly why people would pay $100 for this treatment because you automatically feel like a beautiful movie star when you put them on. It is like when you are a little girl and you put on your grandma's dress and all of a sudden you feel beautiful. It was just like this but more.

Untitled design (5)

Then as I feared 24 hours into my trip and lashes started dropping left and right. I would wake up in the morning and they were all over my pillow. They were dropping whenever I moved quickly, sneezed, rested on the beach … there was no hope for them to ever last my 7 day trip, much less the 14 days she promised me.

The worst part was that they didn't fall out evenly. It wasn't like 2 from the left and 2 from the right. That would have been fine. Nope they had no system like that. Basically four days in and I had 4 long lashes left on ONE side. It was rather comical!


My thoughts on eyelashes are like this: they make you feel beautiful, magnificent, and I loved them for every minute they were in. I wouldn't spend more than $20 though because they only lasted a short while. For a special night out these are awesome.

Have you ever tried fake eyelashes? I never had, but the more I mention this the more I hear that friends have used them before and I never knew about it. Why have you guys been holding out on me for so long?!?


***UPDATE: I wrote this a few days ago and then last night another girlfriend shows up to my house with new eyelashes and of course they are beautiful! Hearing her experience and knowing mine I for sure got eyelashes that you could basically buy at any drug store and apply yourself. I just paid $20 for someone else to do it. So, if I had a coupon I would for sure pay the money for “real” fake lashes!

Jamie Ivey