Thoughts from my rocking chair on a yucky Friday morning ….

* Today is going to be a very lazy day. Every day this week we have played outside so much and today it is wet and chilly (I haven't actually been out yet, but that is what it looks like from my living room window!) and so we're stuck inside.

* It is 9:56 am and I'm still in my jammies and just remembered the coffee I made earlier at breakfast is still there and I haven't had any! Bummer – so I just got me a cup and it's not very good. We've been in a coffee slump. Every pot doesn't seem to be good. We've tried to buy other coffee besides Starbucks, and honestly I think we'll be going back to the Starbucks. This stuff just isn't as good!

* The kids are dressed and ready to go though, so IF I decide to leave the house today they are ready.

* Once again big boy was dry this morning when we woke up. Should I put him in big boy underwear at night? He is ALWAYS dry in the AM. We limit his fluids at night and usually he doesn't have anything after dinner unless we are out. What do you guys think?

* Okay so are you wondering about my lental sacrifices? (Is lental really a word?) Well honestly it is not going well. 🙁 My attitude has been awful and Aaron tells me I should quit b/c my heart is not in the right place. 🙁 The Diet Coke thing is going a lot better. I had one on Sunday (Aaron told me that Catholics take Sunday off from fasting …. was he lieing to me???) and it was SO GOOD! I thought that would make me want one more, but actually I have not craved one all week long. 🙂 So, that is going well. I can see myself making it to Easter and then limiting my intake lots! The internet – NOT going well. I have cheated so much that it isn't even funny! I thought I would just limit the blogs I read … then I started reading the ones that were adopting so I wouldn't miss anything … then I started reading my friends b/c she lives in TX and I didn't want to miss out … see how it just kept going. I have pretty much started reading blogs again. UGH! I feel like a failure! Not really, but here's the deal … I'm still going strong with my diet coke sacrifice … the internet NOT SO MUCH. Oh well.

* I got some very sad news today. One of my closest friends (the kind that you don't get to see often BUT your hearts will always be close) has had a hard year with her mom. Her mom had cancer and had a masectomy and reconstruction and now she is having more problems. My heart is breaking for her and her family. How much more do they have to indure. Why her family? Why not mine? How long will this go on? Only God knows these answers and they are a mystery to us. I do know that God has a plan and he may not let us in on it but it is HIS plan and it is PERFECT. So, to my sweet friend – I love you, and am praying for you, your mom and whole family daily. LOVE YOU GIRL!

* I feel like all I do is complain about my knee lately. I know that Aaron is tired of hearing about it and I'm sure you are too! I called my doc yesterday to get a reference for an orthopedic or something. I missed the nurses call back and she left on my machine for me to ice it and take motrin. WHAT? She must not know that I have been doing that for about THREE weeks now!!! UGH! I didn't run yesterday b/c after my run on Wed (only did 5 and was supposed to do 6) my knee has been killing me (what's new!!). So, I'll get back to the gym today ….

* If you've made it this far into my boring nothing of a post – have a great day!