Death is not something that I think about often, but I'll admit it is something that I do think about.  I used to beg God to not take me too soon.  My reasonings were all very valid and motherly.  I wanted to see my kids grow up and get married.  I wanted to spend more time with Aaron.  I wanted to be a grandma.  All of them are very exciting things that I really do hope that I get to do, but they are kinda silly when I think about asking God to let me hang out on this earth longer because of them.

In the past few years of my life, I have seen so much injustice in the world, and so many people sick with disease wrecking their bodies, that sometimes it is just too much.  Too much for my heart and soul to handle and I beg God to get me out of here.  To take me to my final home.  To rid me of sorrow and sickness.  He hasn't done that, and I'm happy to be here with my family a bit longer, but the waves of suffering will keep coming and I know that he is persevering me through them.

This morning I was reading Hebrews chapter 11 and something stuck out to me that hasn't stuck out to me before.  I knew this chapter was about faith, and I love it so much, but this time something moved me more.  In verse 4 the writer of Hebrews says this, “…. And through his faith, though he died, he still speaks.”  This stopped me in my tracks this morning.  The writer is telling us that because of his faith, even after he died he still speaks.  Goose bumps friends.  This is what I want.  This is how I want my legacy to go, that although I'm dead, I'm still speaking.


This happens by us having faith in the unseen.  Faith is described as “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” in verse 1.  My assurance is in what I hope for and long for, and that's eternity with Jesus.  I want bigger faith.  I want faith that is sure of things I can't see, and effects my whole life, even when I'm dead and gone, I'm still speaking.

There are definitely people's lives that keep speaking after they are gone.  Martin Luther King, Jr, Nelson Mandela, Ronnie Smith,  Frank Self (my grandpa), Anne Frank, Jim Elliot … this list could literally go on for days.  You have people in your lives that have gone on to meet Jesus and their life is still effecting yours.

Today I'm thankful to God for having me here one more day.  I'm also praying that my faith would be so strong that my life would speak of Him even after I'm gone.

{Recently at church, our pastor, Matt Carter finished up the series “The seven sayings of Jesus on the Cross” and I think it is so fitting to link to that one here with this topic.  I hope you get a chance to listen or view it.  It was powerful about death and how we should die}

Father, Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit from The Austin Stone on Vimeo.

Jamie Ivey