There are about four things that I talk about here on this blog. I seem to only know how to talk about four things so I guess that's what goes on here.

1. Haiti/Adoption

2. Aaron/Kids

3. Cooking

4. Running

I thought I would give you an update on all of the above!

1. Haiti/Adoption: This past weekend we had Mr. Zach from REAL HOPE FOR HAITI in town. We had a little open house for him at our house on Saturday night and he spoke to a small group at our church on Sunday. It was a fun time for people who had been to RHFH from the Stone to come and meet Zach and encourage him. We sold shirts and prayed and hopefully opened up more hearts to missions in Haiti.

*If you want a Haiti shirt and live in Austin email me and I can get one for you, otherwise you can get them at Aaron's merch store.


We got to spend time praying over Zach for him, Haiti & his ministry

Adoption stuff is still going. My poor Amos is still in MOI. Still waiting on birth/death decrees to be done correctly and have the correct spelling on them. We are praying and praying and praying for this little man to know our love and God's love during his time apart from us. Story is close. All the papers that US CIS has requested are in and we're hoping that this week our papers are sent over to the Consulate and a Visa appt is granted! GOOD NEWS …. I'm heading to Haiti on Oct 12 to visit my kids. I'll be there Monday through Friday and wouldn't it just be fantastic if I could bring our sweet Story home then?


March 2009: The last time I was with my kids. Too long ago.

2. Aaron/Kids: Well we're all doing well here. Aaron's in El Salvador this week with Compassion International. He leads such a tough life!! 🙂 He's there with other indie artist experiencing all that Compassion does for the people there. Hopefully they will learn how to be better advocates for Compassion while they are on the road! Aaron does such a great job with this, so I'll know he'll be a blessing to these artist that are just getting involved with Compassion. The guys will start a home in a few weeks, so if you are close to any of these cities email me ( and I'll connect you with the host home: Athens, TX

OK City, OK

Kansas City, MO

Bentonville, AR

Richmond, VA

Charlotte, NC

Atlanta, GA

The kids are doing great. I am loving being a football mom and hope that all three of my boys fall in love with this sport. It is so much fun! Cayden is still loving school. He can count to 100 by 5's and knows all his five senses. Deacon is loving pre-school and wishes he could go to school all five days like Cayden does! They are both getting so big and cracking us up all the time.


Cayden wants to be a police man when he grows up and this is his “police face”!

3. I am still cutting out tons of recipes that I want to try in the kitchen. The funny thing about me is that I don't cook very well. I leave stuff out if we don't have it, I don't value spices in meals, and I just sometimes forget stuff is on the stove or in the oven! Crock pot meals work so well for me!!! Last night we tried a new soup and I really liked it. The boys enjoyed it lots too! As much as Cayden liked that soup, he loved the soup we had last week from Vanilla Orchid even better. It was a veggie chili and he loved it. I sent some with him for lunch today!

4. Running. Ugh. Running. Ugh. I so desire to call myself a runner. I just don't feel as though I deserve that title! I run, but I'm so inconsistent with it. I'll run 3x's a week for 3 weeks then not run for 2 weeks then try to get back out there again right where I left off.

I am going to do the 3M half in Austin. I have the 12 week training plan already on my calendar. When I do that I usually stick to it. I need to register so that makes me train even harder! I'm also planning on doing the Capital 10K here in Austin in April. Wanna join us?

I'm flying to Orlando in January for the Disney races. I waited too long to register and the only thing open still is the FULL marathon. Yes, 26 miles. I can not train for that in 15 weeks. Yes there are only 15 weeks until January! UGH! So, I think I'll register for the FULL and make it my goal to run HALF and somehow make it to the end with the last 13 miles. Crazy, right?

Lately two people have written posts on running, so I wanted to share. Go to Traci's blog to see her thoughts and then head over to JoAanna's blog to see her thoughts on running.

If you are training for any races, let me know!

So there you go. I'll leave you with a few pictures just because I feel like it:


August did not like the pool!


Deacon and Daddy on the first day of Preschool!


Deacon and Mommy on first day of school!


The boys first football game at Reagan High School.


Last week we had family day and the boys went swimming! I sat in the quiet and read a book. Oh it was nice!

Jamie Ivey