If you are like me, sometimes shopping for the perfect gift for my man is not as easy as it sounds.  Aaron doesn't need another shirt or tie, another coffee mug, or the latest gadget.  I always want to find that gift that will surprise him and make him love me so much more for actually finding something unique to gift him.

If this is you, then look no further than right here.  THE PIPE PARLOR has some amazing pipes that the man in your life would love.  Graduation from college, Father's Day, 50th birthday's, New dad gift …. all of these would be perfect for pipe purchasing.

Now I'm not a pipe smoker, but Aaron loves a good pipe.  I recently asked him what it was about pipe smoking that he loved and he mentioned these three things:  relaxing, you do it with community, and it's nostalgic.

Every man loves to relax with his friends and think about life.  It's what slows them down and causes them to reflect and talk about life.  CS Lewis, JR Tolken, Charles Spurgeon … they all understood this as well and were pipe smokers.

If I were a pipe smoker, or picking one out for Aaron, I think I would pick this one:


I let Aaron sit down and show me his favorite, and he liked this one the best:


I think I must have good taste, because those look very similar to me!  Although I also think this would be a fun pipe to have:


or this one …



THE PIPE PARLOR is a small family business that started with a dream.  Here's what Sean says about starting this business:

It all started as a child, my grandfather gave me my first gift, a corn cob pipe.  Fast forward about 16 years and I found myself in the middle of the cigar boom.  Despite my local tobacco shop removing pipes altogether from their selection my fasciation and love for pipes and pipe culture was continuing to grow!  I was never a bandwagon guy, and I stayed true to my pipes when all my friends were grabbing cigars.  With the lack of local available pipes being offered I turned to the internet to find the right pipes at the right price.   Over the last 10 years I’ve met some amazing folks in the pipe world, I’ve dabbled in pipe making, and learned a lot.  As a younger generation of pipe smokers is emerging I saw a need for a fresh approach to the online retail pipe world, and so The Pipe Parlor was born.  I sold by beloved 1987 Toyota FJ60 as seed money to purchase my first round of inventory, put my hand to the plow and after months and months of work The Pipe Parlor went live on February 1st 2013.  This truly is a small family business with big dreams.  Thanks for being here and for helping me make this dream a reality, we hope that you would consider making your next pipe or pipe accessory purchase here at The Pipe Parlor.


We knew Sean and his family when they lived here in Austin and he was on staff at The Austin Stone.  Now they live in the Woodlands where he's on staff at Woodlands Point.

THE PIPE PARLOR is offering all you guys a discount code for your next purchase:  dreamingbigdreams

That will get you 10% off your next purchase.  You can't go wrong with getting that special man in your life a new pipe.


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