I thought I would take this time to catch you up on some random pictures that have been going on around here.  My camera broke a few weeks ago and so all these are on my iphone.  UGH!  I hope to get this fixed before our cruise and the holiday's!

Oh did you see how I just dropped that in there.  OUR.CRUISE.

Oh my word.  Is it time yet?

Is the boat there to pick me up?

Come on cruise baby!

Anyhow … back to pics.

We had August here for a few nights.  Gosh I love this kid.  Might be one of the cutest 1 year olds on the planet!

Story got her hair done.  Love it!  I truly want to know how to do this, but I also enjoy paying someone to do this.  The same way I love paying someone to paint my toenails.  The same way I love paying someone to clean my house.  The same way I love paying someone to mow my lawn, which I don't really do because it takes me about 5.5 minutes to mow our yard.  🙂

Ivey kids and Bush kid again:

Our dog, Scout, got stung by something.  Oh my word did she swell (is that a word?) up?  We took her to the vet and she received steroid shots all for the small fee of $122.  They told us that she was severely allergic to whatever bit her.  Oh great.  What if this happens again?  Oh gosh poor dog.  She looked so funny!

We showed up for Cayden's award ceremony and he received A/B honor roll and Outstanding boy student for his class for the first nine weeks!  We were so proud of him.

On a funny note …. when I walked in with the 3 little kids a kid in Cayden's class yelled across the gym, “Cayden, your sister really is black!”.  I guess he couldn't believe it until he saw it!

I went to my 3rd UT game of the year and had a blast.  Although we are losing every game I've been to, they are still fun.  This week we were in a suite and it was so much fun.  We had a parking pass and got to park in those spaces that we walk by each week and say to ourselves, “who gets to park here?”.  Yes, this week it was us.  So much fun!

Now you are caught up on the Ivey's life.  The funny thing about when I do “picture posts” is that it's truly just for grandparents and for my scrap booking (since this is my only record of anything that goes on around here!) and I know you all could really care less.

But anyhow …. enjoy my cute kids!

Jamie Ivey