I don't even know what to do with myself today. For the first time since September there is nothing I can do today for our adoption paperwork! Oh my goodness!!!

Yesterday we sent off 12 documents to the Haitian Embassy in Chicago to be authenticated there. We sent them overnight through FedEx and I swear I double checked everything about a million times. I counted the documents probalby 20 times before I put them in the envelope and sure enough they were always the same!


They should get it by 10 am today and they said they could do it today and then use my enclosed self-addressed envelope to send it back to me overnight. Then here's the biggest news …. after we get it back we make FOUR copies of EVERYTHING and then off to Haiti it goes and we are DONE. Did you read that …. DONE! Then the real fun begins. The real waiting. The wait where you have no control over anything. UGH. I'm not ready for that but I am so ready to get this paperwork out of here and tear down my adoption workstation upstairs!!! I want some real furniture here!!!

18 days …. until I'm with my kids.

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