A few months ago Aaron and I decided to try the Master Cleanse (AKA The Lemonade Diet) out. My parents do this often and it is supposed to detox your body and cleanse you! Although we eat fairly healthy (don't count my 3 trips to Chuy's last week) we still need to clean our bodies and start fresh!

Today we started at 11 am. I wish I would have had Chuy's for breakfast, but oh well! We are hoping to make it to Sunday at 11 am. That will only be four days, but honestly I'm skeptical I can even go that long. Aaron has great will power and determination. I already licked Deacon's spoon today after lunch. You see, I'm going to struggle with this!

Facts about the Master Cleanse

Directions to the Master Cleanse

Day one

So, if you find me to be grouchy or grumpy or tired or loopy it's because I'm not eating! I wish I would have weighed myself this morning to see if I loose any weight. That's not why we're doing it, but I heard Beyonce lost 20 lbs on this diet!

I am supposed to drink at least 60 oz a day. So far I have 16 down! I just imagine it's a bloody mary and it goes down better!

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