My guest for The Happy Hour #420 is Rasool Berry. Rasool Berry serves as teaching pastor at The Bridge Church in Brooklyn, New York. He also is the Director of Partnerships & Content Development with Our Daily Bread Ministries. Rasool is a sought-after writer on the intersection of faith and culture and has had his work featured in Christianity Today, Relevant Magazine, The Gospel Coalition, and the book, Keeping The Faith: Reflections on Politics & Christianity.

We talked about so many awesome things in today’s interview including Rasool learning about Jesus in an unlikely way, and the power of stories for creating compassion and empathy. Isn't it so interesting how Jesus responded with a story when His disciples asked Him a theological question? We also dove into the intersection of faith and culture, and how important it is for the Church to celebrate the diversity of cultures within the body of Christ. The reality is that it’s hard work to remove ourselves from the bubble of our own culture, traditions and practices. But I love when Rasool says “The goal is not to avoid conflict, but to lean into spaces where we can learn from that conflict. And the best way to fix that is not to start with the issue… but to start with the story of that person.” Y’all. I’ll say it again and again. Stories matter. It helps us see and know people better. This is SUCH an important conversation and I hope we all can lean into it with a humble heart!

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