“We’re the already-reached, but not reaching for our Bibles.”

What powerful and convicting words. I always love chatting with the ladies at She Reads Truth and hearing about what they’re doing to develop a community of women who are committed to reading their Bibles together every day. Raechel Myers joined me on this episode and breaks down elements of the church calendar, such as Lent and Advent! SRT has so many incredible resources to dive into the Word and take time to remember and worship. We also talk about how there’s a lot of scripture-adjacent things that feel like you’ve spent time with God, but you’ve really just heard someone else’s experience of spending time with God. While these things are helpful resources, we never want to use them as a replacement for our own quiet time with the Lord. Thankful for all that She Reads Truth is doing to build a community of bible-reading believers!

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