My guest for The Happy Hour #415 is Hosanna Wong. Hosanna Wong is an international speaker, author, and spoken word artist sharing captivating stories of a powerful God with churches, conferences, prisons, & other events around the world. She is passionate about empowering this generation to know who they are, boldly live out their purpose, and reveal God’s love to the people right next to them. Her latest book How (Not) to Save the World releases next week, 8/17!

Hosanna is truly one of my favorite people in the world and I always walk away wanting to love Jesus and people better. In this episode, Hosanna shares about her father who was a heroin addict and pimp, and the radical way that God transformed his life. She also talks about how her book How Not To Save The World was inspired by her relationship with her brother, and the ways that she fell short in loving him well and pointing him to Christ. It’s no secret that sometimes we as believers can look just as hostile as the world, and it makes the enemy’s job easier because we are doing the work for him. I love when Hosanna says “Why would they believe that there’s a God who wants to be with them if we don’t even want to be with them?” Y’all. That is so convicting and challenging and truly a daily reminder as we interact with people on the internet and in-person. Hosanna speaks so much truth and I’m always so honored to hear from her.

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