My guest for The Happy Hour #384 is Ginny Owens. Ginny has had an award-winning career that includes two decades as a singer/songwriter, recording artist, author and speaker. During that time, Ginny has released 10 albums, five EPs and two Christmas projects! She continues to inspire others with the truth of the gospel through personal stories, songs and Bible teaching. Ginny currently lives in New York City and is in her final year of a Master of Biblical Studies at seminary!

I’ve been listening to Ginny’s music for years so I’m thrilled to have her on today! In this episode, we talk about her background in music, losing her eye-sight at the age 2 and how it has affected her story. Ginny also dives into her newest book, Singing in the Dark which talks about how to cultivate hope and have joy no matter what challenge we’re facing. I love SO much when Ginny says “[Jesus] is a God that is very familiar with our suffering.” It’s truly one of the most comforting characteristics of God, in that He knows suffering more than any of us and understands our pain. But we’ve been given hope and joy to walk through suffering. What a beautiful reminder! You can pre-order Ginny’s book now – just head over to our show links to grab it! Also, wish her a Happy belated Birthday!!

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