My guest for The Happy Hour #379 is Amy Wolff. If you have been listening to the Motivational Happy Hour podcasts for a while, then Amy Wolff is a familiar name to you. Amy is a speaker coach, motivational speaker, author and founder of Don’t Give Up Movement. Amy also just released her newest book Signs of Hope which is beautifully written and a must-read for anyone and everyone!

I’m so happy to have Amy back on The Happy Hour! She joined me for the Faith & Politics special a few months back, but I always love getting to catch up on life and what God is doing. In today’s show, Amy talks about what it’s like being in the corporate space and how important it is not to diminish our kingdom work for people who are not in traditional ministry spaces. Amy also dives into the story of Signs of Hope and how it was the start of a journey – not just one of encouraging people who are like her, but also encouraging those who are very different from her. It’s easy to say “You matter,” to someone just like you; it’s a lot harder to tell someone they matter (and truly mean it) if they believe, vote, speak, and live differently than you do. But I love so much when Amy breaks down the difference between empathy and endorsement and says “We don’t have to agree. That is not a prerequisite to love.” We really forget that, and I’m thankful Amy reminded us today. Make sure to pick up a copy of her book Signs of Hope!

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Jamie Ivey