My guest for The Happy Hour #385 is Amanda Bible Williams. Amanda is the author and cofounder/CCO of She Reads Truth! From She Reads Truth Bibles and studies to Kids Read Truth Bibles and podcasts, Amanda is passionate about building a community of women who read God's word every day together! Amanda has been married to David for almost 18 years, and together they have four adorable children.

In today’s episode, Amanda talks about She Reads Truth turning 10 years old soon, and the Faithful Project, which is a wonderful collaboration of ministry partners including a book, album, and tour of live events! Amanda also dives into her family’s journey of parenting a medically fragile child and the hard seasons that have come from it. I’ve definitely had times in my life where I’ve wondered if a situation was truly God’s plan because it’s so hard in the moment, and feels like we’re walking down the wrong road. But I admire when Amanda talks about the song The Detour and the encouragement it offers: “The Detour we are walking, that IS the road.” I’m so blown away by Amanda’s grateful spirit and trusting God in every difficult situation. Make sure to take a listen to the Faithful Project and all the beautiful things they’ve created!

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