My guest for The Happy Hour #373 is Aarti Sequeira. Most people know Aarti as winning season six of The Next Food Network Star, and hosting her own cooking show Aarti Party. Aarti is married to Brendan and together they have two daughters, Eliyah and Moses. They recently moved to Raleigh, NC after living in LA for two decades.

Y’all, this was a really special episode and Aarti has a WORD for us. In today’s episode, Aarti talks about how growing up in Dubai during the Gulf War sparked a deep passion for news and journalism. She eventually got a job at CNN and although it was her dream on paper, she always felt like something didn’t fit. Aarti ended up moving across the country, and through a long season waiting for another job opportunity, she found comfort in cooking AND later accepted Christ as her personal Savior. How amazing is it that God truly meets us in any season? Sometimes we end up in places or paths that we never expected, but I LOVE when Aarti says, “His dreams for me have always been more delicious and rich and huger than I have always imagined, and I just follow the breadcrumbs.” WOW. There is SO much more to this episode that you need to hear. Don’t skip out on it!

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Jamie Ivey