My guest for The Happy Hour #218 is Myquillyn Smith. Myquillyn, also known as the “The Nester,” has been encouraging women to embrace their home—imperfections and all. Her home has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Cottages & Bungalows and Ladies’ Home Journal. She’s the author of The Nesting Place and was chosen by Christianity Today as one of the top twenty creatives in 2016. Myquillyn lives in a fixer-upper on 12 acres with her husband Chad, their three teenage boys, two cats, a dog and a rooster.

Friends, it's time to get cozy! Myquillyn and I start off the show discussing imperfect hospitality, and how we get so stuck on our homes being “perfect”, that we never even invite anyone in. Myquillyn sums it up so well when she says if we instead “set up our houses to foster connection, perfection isn't even part of the story.”  Myquillyn then shares how she started inviting hundreds of people to her home through Nest Fest – even though she's an introvert! We also talk about saying ‘no' at the right time. Myquillyn suggests finding a “no” mentor to help us see what it looks like to say “no”, so that we can say “yes” to others.

In the last part of the show, Myquillyn tells us how moving so much (13 times!) taught her so much about design. Money, time, creativity, and limitations are the most common barriers she hears from women. But, instead of waiting until we have it all, she says, focus on what you have the most of, and go for it!

Friends, I just loved my conversation with Myquillyn. I hope you feel encouraged that your home doesn't have to be “perfect”, but that it's the imperfect hospitality that brings people together. And you guys, I had never thought of having a “no” mentor before, but I love the perspective that can bring!

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