My guest for The Happy Hour #216 is Landyn Hutchinson. Landyn is a lifestyle influencer/blogger and creator of Living With Landyn. Landyn is an expert on home aesthetic, beauty, and fashion and provides her followers with genuine, authentic recommendations. Landyn has created an incredibly engaged community and her passion is to help women feel confident, empowered, and inspired.

Landyn and I start off the show talking about her life's journey including working as a nurse, momma, wife to an NFL pro, and now business owner of Living with Landyn. We talk about the changes that happened as her husband retired from the NFL and her role from stay at home momma transitioned to working momma and now traveling momma with her Hey Landyn Live tour. As many of you know, Landyn gives great tips about recipes to home decor and entertaining, and skin care – including shaving your face! Yes friends, I'm serious – just check out the link below!

I appreciated Landyn's honesty when she spoke about how she and her family have managed this transition, including a really challenging time she faced. Landyn shares how she's learned to let the village help and that we can't do it alone. We also chat about the looks we both get when we say that we love our husbands more than our kids! Ladies, we have to invest in marriage and continue to date our husbands!

Landyn was a joy to talk to and just like chatting with the best girlfriend you didn't know you needed. I hope you enjoyed our conversation as much as I did!

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