My guest for The Happy Hour # 207 is Liz Vice. Liz began her career in film and video, only to accidentally find herself behind the mic. Liz' signature soulful sound is deeply rooted in spirituality and she released her sophomore album Save Me in June. A Portland native, Liz now resides in Brooklyn.

Liz and I start off the show talking about how she never intended to be a musician. Liz' background was in film and video and she even had a full ride to film school. Due to a variety of factors, she declined the scholarship and continued work in tv/film. But, she kept feeling nudges toward music. Liz describes how she was certain that becoming a musician was not for her, but that God pursued her and how she said yes to her new path.

In the second half of the show Liz and I talk about how her new album Save Me, and what it's like to share her music with the world. She describes her shows and music as the story of her testimony, and that it is a sacred time for her when she's on stage. I loved hearing her share stories of people she's met and how Jesus has guided her and the songs she creates.

You guys isn't it so amazing – so many times on the show we've heard women tell us how God has nudged them into things they would have never expected or originally said yes to! Then, we get to hear how He continually pursues us and does such incredible things like in Liz' story today – I love it!

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Liz' albums: There's A Light and Save Me

What Liz is loving: having more things revealed to her about empowering women, getting to create  music her way, meeting people that are excited to be a part of the empowering women movement

What is Liz is reading: Fashioned to Reign by Kris Vallotton

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