My guest for The Happy Hour # 185 is Holly Christine Hayes. Holly is an author, world-renowned recovery ministry expert, and founder/CEO of Sanctuary Project, a social enterprise bringing hope and healing to survivors of trafficking, violence and addiction. Holly was recently chosen as a new Voice for Women of Faith and is passionate about sharing her radical salvation story in safe houses, churches, conferences and recovery communities all over the world.

I know that after listening to my conversation with Holly, you are going to love God more and be affirmed in how much God can redeem in our lives. Holly and I start out the conversation talking about what it means to hit rock bottom, and no matter what your story is, pain is pain. Holly shares her story of abuse, addiction, abortion, and trafficking that led her to the moment when she prayed the words, “God help me.”

Holly shares her journey of becoming sober and getting to know the God that saved her. I cannot stop thinking about when she told me the amazing story of how God met her in the Word when she sought to know Him better by opening up her Bible.

At the end of show, we talk about her passion for helping women gain freedom from shame and her new nonprofit, Sanctuary Project. Be sure to come find me on Instagram tomorrow (3/22) because we will be giving away a necklace from Sanctuary Project!

A note about our conversation today: we discuss several mature topics including abortion, abuse, trafficking, and addiction which may not be appropriate for young ears.

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