My guest for The Happy Hour #168 is Abbie Kampman. Abbie is a Midwestern “city” girl and mother of four boys just outside Des Moines, Iowa. She's a bookworm, a coffee snob, a mountain-lover, and a passionate pursuer of deep relationships built over shared stories.

Abbie joins me today to share her story of losing her mom and stepsisters in a tragic drunk driving accident. The accident happened when she was 13 years old, and she is finally feeling freedom to share her story. I am over-the-moon proud of her for having the courage to share. It may not be anything like your story, but I am confident you will love hearing how the Lord has used and redeemed her story, and may just see a little bit of yourself in her as well.

I will warn you that today's interview may not be appropriate for the the children in your life. Abbie shares some details about the accident that you may want to wait to listen to without any little ears.

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