Today's show is a special edition of The Happy Hour with two very special guests – Kathie Lee Gifford and my main man, Aaron Ivey. If you've been listening to the show for any length of time, you know Kathie Lee has been one of my bucket lists guests for a while now. I am just completely overjoyed to finally have her on the show today. And after our conversation, my husband and best friend, Aaron, joins me to chat about his book, Steal Away Home.

In my conversation with Kathie Lee, we talk about how she has been so bold about her faith with such a huge platform. She shares about her experience sharing her faith on national television after her husband, Frank, passed away. She recently had a record breaking performance on The Today Show of her newest song, He Saw Jesus. She talks about the songwriting process and how she was able to make it through such a heartfelt performance. Kathie Lee also shares about her latest project: The Little Giant.

Aaron joins me for the second half of the show. We talk about his new book, Steal Away Home, a historical fiction story of the life of Charles Spurgeon. I am such a huge fan of the book (obviously), but I promise you will love it. It's truly an incredible story of love and friendship and freedom. We also take some of your questions about how we manage two careers, stress, a family of six, dinnertime and what irritates Aaron. It's fun for the whole family.

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