Raechel Myers is my guest for The Happy Hour #158. Raechel is the co-founder and CEO of She Reads Truth, and leads the She Reads Truth community and staff out of her deep love of God’s Word and the firm conviction that all of Scripture is good news. She is the co-author of Open Your Bible: God’s Word Is for You and for Now and She Reads Truth: Holding Tight to Permanent in a Word That’s Passing Away. Raechel lives south of Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and their two children.

In our conversation today, Raechel and I chat about how she's leading a Bible study for the first time with the ladies in her neighborhood. We also talk all about She Reads Truth – about how quickly it's grown and how one of their employees is now Raechel's husband, making her his boss (which would never work in the Ivey household, but Raechel makes it sound like a dream). And finally, we talk about God's faithfulness through good times and hard times and how to be a friend to someone walking through the trenches.

In the show, Raechel and I talk briefly about the She Reads Truth Bible. Y'all, I can't recommend this Bible enough. It's so beautifully put together. Because of it's crazy popularity, the Bible sold out very quickly, but the reprint has recently been released and you can grab your copy here. I promise, you will LOVE it.

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